Know About The Institute

What We Believe

The two founders – Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay and Biplab Patra along with the whole faculty believe that a student’s success is our greatest achievement. We work tirelessly to provide an educational atmosphere where students can flourish and grow with the help of highly skilled instructors. They are passionate about teaching students more than just academics, including life skills that they will need for their future careers or business endeavours.

Our Goals

Aviation students, this is an announcement of utmost importance. Let's make a concerted effort to achieve the objectives we've set for ourselves from this day forward. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work! Our vision is to train the candidates with the best of the airline courses, etiquettes, and education. We strive to develop unique learning management and develop various skills required to excel in the aviation industry.

Our Mission

Our passionate and experienced team is committed to continuous improvement so that we can exceed your expectations each and every time. Our mission is to provide the candidates with the best opportunities worldwide. We strive to open opportunities and assist the candidates towards a booming career with our courses.

What We Motivate

We are one of the leading grooming schools in this city, dedicated to providing students with exceptional skills for their chosen careers. We mould adults into well-groomed professionals by teaching them how best they can present themselves both internally and externally. We motivate our scholars every day because it’s not just about completing tasks but also gaining valuable life lessons from doing worthy exercises.